Erde 142 trailer specification

Erde 142 trailer

The Erde 142 trailer is a very popular Erde trailer. This is the largest of the 3 starter trailers and it also has light weight panels.

External Dimensions
Overall Length 2.23m 7’3”
Overall Width 1.39m 4’6”
Overall Height 0.88m 2’9”
Internal Dimensions
Length 1.45m 4’9”
Width 1.00m 3’3”
Depth 0.35m 1’2”
Gross Trailer Weight 600kg 1322lb
Unladen Weight 95kg 209lb
Carrying Capacity 505kg 1113lbs
Other Details
Wheel and tyres 5.00/10 tyre on 115mm PCD


Suspension type Full track rubber torsion independent axle
Coupling type Unbraked 50mm

pressed coupling

For an overview of the Erde 142 please click here.
To buy an Erde 142 please Click here.
To buy Accessories for an Erde 142 please Click here.

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